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Indiana School Realizes Incredible Savings With BrightSync’s Intelligent Block Heater Control Panel

Lawerence Township school bus garage had the highest costs of any other school in the district. Their solution came when they learned about BrightSync’s Intelligent block heater controller and the incredible amount of savings our product has proven to achieve time and time again. How do we do it? What BrightSync does is control up

Programmable Logic Controller Benefits

Companies that Can Benefit from the Programmable Logic Controller

These Types of Companies Can Really Benefit from Our Programmable Logic Controller Here at Brightsync, one of our premier green technology products is our programmable logic controller. With this product, businesses can save a lot of money and energy. Today in the Brightsync blog, we’ll highlight some types of businesses that can benefit most from

Sustainable Technologies for Business

Evolving with the Times: Why You Should Implement Sustainable Technologies in Your Business

Why Your Business Should Adopt Sustainable Technologies There are plenty of good reasons that your business should start implementing sustainable technologies. As expectations of what a business should evolve and change, it’s up to business owners to be more responsible about their energy waste. If your business hasn’t implemented any sustainable technologies yet, they are

Engine block heater - car engine close up

Different Types of Engine Block Heaters

How Many Kinds of Engine Block Heaters Are There? Brightsync is a leading provider of engine block heaters developed through sustainable technologies. Efficient engine block heaters are an essential part of properly operating a vehicle fleet while saving on energy bills. But there is more than one type of block heater. How many more? Brightsync

Green technology - wind farm

Best Examples of Green Technology

Some of the Best Examples of Green Technology Green technology and sustainable technologies have become industries in and of themselves in recent years. Environmental concerns are always on the rise, and so are the potential solutions. The push towards sustainable and green technology has seen some significant developments over time, and it’s important to understand

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Why Sustainable Technologies Matter

What’s So Important About Sustainable Technologies? Brightsync develops engine block heaters based on a philosophy dedicated to sustainable technologies. Sustainable technologies have become a vital factor across a wide span of industries. Why? There are some important reasons why sustainable technologies have become such a big deal, and Brightsync can explain a few of them

Engine block heater - engine piston closeup

Why Do Vehicles Need Block Heaters?

What’s So Important About a Block Heater? Brightsync provides innovative sustainable technology for heating engine blocks. If you’re less familiar with fleet management or industrial vehicles, you might not be aware of what a block heater is, how it works, or why it matters. In order to provide great service and great savings for clients,