Did you know block heaters could cost you $250-$450 per vehicle?

What will your fleet cost you this winter?

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    Patented control algrorithms

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Did you know that an innovative engine block heater controller can save you up to 80% on your energy bills? If you’re looking to reduce fleet costs on automotive block heaters in your fleet, Brightsync is here to help.

With our industry-leading technology and attentive customer service, you can find the best way to save on energy bills for your fleet. Let Brightsync explain just how this technology can help you save without skimping on the best in sustainable technology.

Fleet Energy Control Solutions

Fleet Management solution to reduce costs associated with block heating.

The Intelligent Electrical Control Panel syncs the engine block heater activation to the outside temperature, calendar day, start time, duration, and zone control utilizing patented algorithms. This technology allows it to work like a smart thermostat for your fleet’s engine blocks.

This gives you accurate, customizable temperature control, and it keeps you from wasting money heating your engines when you don’t need to. The Brightsync Panel is the perfect fleet cost saving tool for any truck or bus fleet. BrightSync controller will increase your overall fleet efficiency as well as save you up to 80% or more on electrical bills.

Engine Block Heater Controller Applications

School Bus, Class 8 Day Cabs, Dry Van Delivery, Refrigeration Delivery, Waste, Municipal, Construction, Utility, Package Pickup and Delivery , Regional Haul, Crane, Tanker

How It Works

Conveniently located next to your existing fuse panel, the Brightsync system is wired between the fuse panel and outside receptacles. A temperature probe is placed on the outside of the building. The industrial grade programmable logic controller (PLC) continuously monitors the outside temperature and calculates the proprietary algorithms. Based on a preset temperature and day of the week, the software will activate the circuit if the given conditions are met.

The software also allows for the weekend shut-off of the circuit, saving even more energy costs. The Brightsync system is programmed to turn on the heater block circuit three  hours before the truck or bus is started.

Additional features include:

  • Outside temperature control of all electrical circuits
  • Zone control (up to four zones per panel)
  • Options to optimize on-time and duration
  • Weekend off feature
  • Soft start on heater block zones.
  • Ethernet and BACnet capable

Brightsync Value

Here are just a few of the benefits you can make the most of when your needing to reduce fleet costs:

  • Quick payback — save up to 80% in electricity costs annually
  • A single panel controls up to 42 trucks or buses
  • Go “green”, save energy costs, and reduce business and school district operating costs
  • Receive cash back from utility companies for using energy efficient products
  • Patented device with 1-year warranty
  • Made in USA

Ask About Energy Rebates

Many utilities providers have an energy savings rebate for investments to reduce electricity usage. Using these customer rebates, you’ll be eligible for cash back on energy efficient products and upgrades, which can greatly reduce your initial cost. After cost savings and rebates, Brightsync control panels can pay for themselves in just one season.

Engine Block Heater Controller Applications

What can you use this system for? Automotive block heaters are an ideal solution for:

  • School buses
  • Class 8 day cabs
  • Dry van delivery
  • Refrigeration delivery
  • Waste and municipal
  • Construction and utility
  • Package pickup and delivery
  • Regional haul
  • Cranes and Tankers.

Find Out More

If you’re interested in ordering or have any questions, contact the team and save on energy bills.

Fleet savings

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