Some of the Best Examples of Green Technology

Green technology and sustainable technologies have become industries in and of themselves in recent years. Environmental concerns are always on the rise, and so are the potential solutions. The push towards sustainable and green technology has seen some significant developments over time, and it’s important to understand their overall value.

Brightsync has embraced green technology and develops engine block heaters with a sustainable philosophy in mind. In this blog, Brightsync shares some of the best examples of green technology.

Solar Panels

Solar panels have become an iconic image of green technology. Although development and application of similar technology existed for decades before, the 1970s to the 1990s saw them become much more commonplace.

Solar panels come in two types: those that collect the heat of the sun, and the more common type that turns the sun’s rays into electricity. Over time, solar panels have become more affordable and are used widely for domestic, agricultural, and other industrial applications.

Wind Farms

Another development that has become emblematic of green technology, wind farms are a major development in clean energy production. Wind farms were typically more commonly used in Europe but have been adopted by the US over time.

The large, open plains of land in states such as Texas have offered an ideal place for vast wind farms that can produce a significant amount of power. Better technology has also led to the development of smaller mini wind farms, making it easier for provide home and business owners to produce energy for their own needs.

Electric Cars

The adoption of the electric cars has been slow, and the challenge of making a truly efficient and affordable model has yet to be met. However, the development of hybrid cars that can work with both gas and electricity has opened the market up to a wider consumer base. The innovation for the backup gas engine in some hybrids being able to recharge the electric battery has helped to increase the appeal of a more eco-friendly vehicle.

Recycling Gadgets

Green and sustainable technology is not just about larger, eco-friendly industrial operations. It can also come down to something as simple as recycling. Many larger tech companies — makers of consumer electronics such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, for example — are now looking into sustainable sources.

It is often too easy to be wasteful in the tech industry, but the very public push toward renewable sources by larger companies has forced others to join in order to compete. This is not only true in the sourcing of materials to make the products, but also in reducing the amount of power they need to function and offering more options for refurbishment.

Join the Green Technology Movement

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