How Many Kinds of Engine Block Heaters Are There?

Brightsync is a leading provider of engine block heaters developed through sustainable technologies. Efficient engine block heaters are an essential part of properly operating a vehicle fleet while saving on energy bills. But there is more than one type of block heater. How many more? Brightsync examines the variety of engine block heaters available, what they’re designed for, and how they are optimized for specific purposes.

Oil Pan Heater

An oil pan heater has a similar function to a block heater, but it is dedicated to heating the oil pan as opposed to the entire engine block. This heat is to help reduce the thickness of the oil used in the engine, improving lubrication and reducing damaging friction. The downside to an oil pan heater is that it is only focused on one part of the engine. While you can have both, an engine block heater alone is typically enough.

Engine Warming Blanket

Engine warming or power blankets are sheets designed to prevent your engine from freezing in extreme cold. Similar to the kind of electric blanket you might sleep on in the winter, these blankets work by being plugged into a power source that helps them produce enough heat to keep the engine from freezing. While they work well, they can be more of a hassle to use than they’re worth.

In-Line Coolant Heater

An in-line coolant heater is designed to keep the coolant above a certain temperature to keep it fluid. This type of heater is pump-driven, continuously circulating the heated coolant to keep it temperate.

Freeze Plug Heaters

A freeze plug heater is a much smaller, simpler device for protecting an engine from the cold. While a freeze plug heater can be very effective, it is important to keep in mind that freeze plug heaters can be extremely difficult to install. This is especially problematic if you are looking to transfer it from your old car into a new one.

Bolt-On Heaters

A bolt-on heater, unlike engine block heaters or the other kinds listed here, is external. A bolt-on heater works by heating the whole engine through direct contact. While effective, a bolt-on heater heats the engine overall and not the coolant directly.

Innovative Engine Block Heaters from Brightsync

Block heaters may come in many varieties, but only Brightsync can offer the best in new, intuitive, and sustainably-developed technology. Brightsync automotive block heaters can help you save up to 80% on your fleet’s energy bills and give you better control of heating your vehicles. Contact Brightsync today and start to save on energy bills.

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