Engine Block Heater from Brightsync

In colder climates, engine block heaters are a necessity. This is especially the case if you have an entire fleet of vehicles that need to reliably start in any weather. But not everyone is entirely aware of what an engine block heater is, how it works, why they’re needed and how it increases fleet costs. Find out more below.  

What is an Engine Block Heater?

Put simply, an engine block heater does exactly what the name suggests. It’s used to warm up an engine. But not just the engine, it also warms up fluids that are needed for the engine to operate. There are various types of engine block heaters. The one people are probably most familiar with is the electric heating element located in the cylinder block. You can tell if a vehicle has one of these by the telltale plug that comes out of the vehicle’s grille. Engine block heaters are necessary but they do increase fleet costs. 

How Does it Work?

Now that we know what an engine block heater is and what it does, let’s talk about how they work. Typically, an engine block heater will run directly off the fuel supply of the vehicle that it’s in. Due to this, it doesn’t need a power source. It will then heat and circulate the coolant, which gives the engine the warmth it needs in freezing climates. Without these heaters, vehicles in cold climate could suffer severe engine damage. Also, they wouldn’t start as reliably. As you can see, they truly are essential for vehicles that are subjected to colder weather.

How BrightSync Improves Engine Block Heaters

If you have a fleet of vehicles, engine block heaters are extremely important to keep things running. Brightsync technology has brought engine block heaters to the next level. The case used to be that fleet block heaters run constantly in cold weather. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does waste a significant amount of energy. Thanks to Brightsync, this energy consumption can be cut by as much as 80%. Thanks to the programmable logic controller monitoring outside temperature, engine block heaters will shut off when certain conditions are met. If you have a fleet of vehicles, this can be invaluable in fleet cost savings. It also helps to drastically reduce your environmental footprint.

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