Value for any fleet using block heaters

  • Save thousands of dollars each winter. One truck/bus using block heaters could be costing you as much as $400 per vehicle.
  • One single panel can control up to 48 trucks/buses. We are the only block heater controller on the market able to manage this size fleet, which makes our centralized system very costs effective for large or small fleets.
  • Remarkable electrical reduction. BrightSync delivers up to 80% or more in electrical savings and in most cases has an ROI in less than one season.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases. In today’s world, our customers find this very important. Our goal is to provide the most energy savings for our customers and to help the save environment. Greenhouse gases are one of the leading causes of climate change.
  • Patented algorithms. Our panels use proprietary controls algorithm to get you the maximum amount of savings possible.  You will still have the flexibility to manage your fleet the way that best fits your business or school needs.  BrightSync controls by time, outside temperature and schedules or a combination of all.
  • BrightSync is UL Certified. UL builds trust, safety, security and sustainability for products. You can feel confident you have made the right choice with BrightSync.
  • Green technology.  BrightSync is a trusted green technology which qualifies for most local utilities for rebates. Be sure to check if you qualify!
  • Fleet Manageability and peace of mind.  Whether you manage 1 or 100 separate fleet operations we have you control for peace of mind.  BrightSync can be managed through a building management system (BMS), business/school network or over the internet. Do you want real-time panel operation view? Our system can be managed through an onboard web interface, so you can have access from anywhere when you need it.

If you are looking to save on energy, the advice in this blog could help. Brightsync can go one step further and help you with advanced, innovative and green block heater solutions. Sustainable technology from Brightsync is designed to reduce your costs by up to 80%, and increase the efficiency of your fleet. Get in touch with Brightsync today.

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