Standard engine block heater timer
Standard block heater timer

Engine block heaters range from 1,250 watts to 1,500 watts of electricity. Fleet managers know this is a necessary tool to keep the trucks or buses ready to go when they are needed, but the costs of high costs of using block heaters are just part of doing business. One block heater cost you as much as $350 for each vehicle during the winter season. Fleet managers have been using standard timers to help off-set block heating expense for many years until BrightSync was developed in 2016 this was the only option available to reduce fleet costs associated with block heating.

BrightSync’s Solution to Engine timers

BrightSync’s block heater controller is the answer to the centralized block heater controls solution. Engine block heater timers are a good short term solution due to their poor reliability and one-timer controls one truck in most cases, unlike BrightSync which controls up to 48 vehicles in one panel. No other block heater controller on the market manages this many vehicles or can deliver the exceptional electrical savings like BrightSync. We deliver up to 80% or more in electrical savings and our controller qualifies for energy rebates in most cities.

Can I Still Save If I Am Using Engine Block Heater Timers?

The answer is yes you can still save a significate amount of money on your electrical bill relacing timers with BrightSync block heater controller. Below you will find a chart showing the difference between engine block heater timers and BrightSync. A standard block heater timer definitely will save you money for smaller fleets, but if you have 20 or more BrightSync is the solution for you.

Chart Details:

  • 1,250-watt block heaters
  • $.12 / kWh
  • 40 diesel vehicles
  • Standard timer off-time hours /week – 72 hours
  • BrightSync off-time hours/week – 132 hours
  • Engine timers savings – $444.00 / week
  • BrightSync savings – $792.00 / week
  • Your savings increase with BrightSync – $348 / week
Engine block heater timer comparison
Based on 1.25 kW block heater at $.12 / kWh

BrightSync Advantage Over Block Heater Timers

BrightSync’s panel has the advantage over engine block heater timers because of it’s intelligent features. Every panel utilizes patented controls algorithms and schedules to drive your block heater off time much higher than a standard block heater timer. So if you were thinking timers were good enough to save your fleet operation money, then you haven’t experienced the BrightSync advantage! BrightSync is able to increase your overall block heater off time by 78%.

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