Indianapolis school rebates

The data below is an actual project for an Indianapolis school With 186 buses plugged in during the winter. Indianapolis Power And Light (IPL) awarded the school with a $23,300 rebate for purchasing (6) panels. Projects like these are what schools need to be focusing on if they have bus fleets. BrightSync has proven electrical savings as much as 80% or more.

If you’re in the Indianapolis area and need help with custom energy rebates, please use the contact below:

Steve Washburn Trade Ally Coordinator Cell: 317-431-0311

City: Indianapolis, Indiana
Number of Vehicles 186
Price per kWh $0.10
Heater Block (KW) 1.25 Base Days ON 150
Device Days ON 89 (Based on 32 degrees set point) Base Electric Cost W/O BrightSync $58,989
Electric Cost W/ BrightSync $6,622
Annual Savings $52,367 Equipment Cost $44,500
Installation Cost $12,400
Total Project Cost $56,900 Payback (Years) 1.1 IPL Rebate $23,300 (Cash) Out Of Pocket Cost (After rebate) $33,600 Actual Payback (years) .6

BrightSync can help your school or business with block heater controls. Our product is revolutionary because of its patented controls that can maximize savings for any fleet.

Power companies are providing custom rebates for schools or businesses installing BrightSync block heater controllers. Be sure to take advantage of this FREE MONEY.

  • Up to 80% or more in electrical savings
  • Power company rebates
  • Patented control algorithms
  • zone controls
  • Schedules or temperature control or a combination of both

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