Programmable Logic Controller from Brightsync

Brightsync has created the ultimate solution for fleets that use engine block heaters. The programmable logic controller solves the problem of fleets over consuming energy while also saving you money.

What is a Programmable Logic Controller?

Conveniently located next to your existing fuse panel, BrightSync is wired between the fuse panel and outside receptacles. A temperature probe is placed on the outside of the building. The industrial grade programmable logic controller (PLC) continuously monitors the outside temperature and calculates the proprietary algorithms. Based on a preset temperature and day of the week, the software will activate the circuit if conditions are met. The software allows for the weekend shut off of the circuit, saving even more energy costs.

BrightSync is programmed to turn on the heater block circuit 5 hours before the truck or bus is started. The value is the heater block circuit only turns on when the temperature set point is met, limits heater block to 5 hours and can be turned off for the weekend. Expect to save 80% electricity cost per season!

Here are some of the features the programmable logic controller offers:

  • Outside temperature control of all electrical circuits
  • Zone Control (up to 4 zones per panel)
  • Optimize “On-time” and duration
  • Weekend off feature
  • Soft start on heater block zones

Our Intelligent Electrical Control Panel syncs engine block heater activation based on outside temperature, calendar day, start time, duration and zone control utilizing patent-pending algorithms. It works like a smart thermostat for your fleet’s engine blocks, keeping you from wasting money heating them when you don’t need to. The Brightsync Panel is the perfect energy saving tool for any truck or bus fleet. Our control system can save your business or school district up to 80% on your winter energy bills.

How Does it Benefit My School/Business?

Many utilities have an energy savings rebate for investments to reduce electricity usage. Utilizing these Customer Rebates, you will be eligible for cash back on energy efficient products and upgrades which greatly reduces your initial cost. After cost savings and rebates, our control panel can pay for itself in just one season.

  • Simple payback within the first season. Save over 80% electricity costs annually
  • Going “green” saving energy cost and reducing business and school districts operating costs
  • Receive cash back from Utility Companies for energy efficient product
  • Patent Pending Device with 1-year warranty.
  • Made in the USA

Why Choose Brightsync?

The team at Brightsync has the experience and expertise that makes them the best in the industry. When you work with them, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. To start working on the right solution for your fleet, contact Brightsync today.