Nearly every educational institution is feeling the pain of budget cuts being implemented on the federal, state, and/or local government levels. This is not new, and many institutions have been weathering it for several years now. To have your budget slashed by 5, 10, or 15% year after year is a staggering amount. How can an institution handle school budget cuts and continue to make things work with less money?

This is a huge task but BrightSync does suggest some options with an experienced perspective in technology and energy reduction.

  • Improve efficiency with staff and through building systems by eliminating waste.
  • Find ways to use technology in place of adding new staff when your school grows.
  • Start programs with staff and students to reduce utilities.
  • Look at all aspects of your school to reduce waste especially in the transportation department. Other than fuel there are electrical savings at most transportation departments. Green technology like BrightSync Block Heater Controller is a proven “Green” technology utilized in schools and freight companies across the country.

BrightSync block heater controller was developed specifically for schools. Many of the cost-saving features where ideas from schools, so you can be confident we will get you remarkable savings. Take a look at all the great features that will deliver savings winter after winter.

  • Exceptional savings of up to 80% or more
  • Scheduling – Use block heaters only when needed
  • Zone Controls – Separate your fleet by route times to maximize savings
  • Control 48 buses with 1 single panel – We are the only central solution in the market.
  • Patented Controls – Our proprietary controls algorithms will ensure you’re always getting the maximum savings.
  • UL/CFS listed panels – All components are UL listed for your safety
  • Utility Rebates – In most states, BrightSync qualifies for amazing rebates.
  • Quick Payback – In most cases, it is one winter season.
  • Professional and honest staff

BrightSync is committed to not only reducing costs but stress on the students when there are fewer teachers to focus our children’s education.

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